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Fifa 2019 (PC) for the Origin  platform is a digital download product – no box included. The price is valid for a digital version of the product.



The newest version of one of the best video games on the market! New features, new gameplay and Champions League. Buy FIFA 19 video game now! FIFA 19 by EA Sports  is here – the newest version of a football game that has federal laws around the world is now available!

It features different new features, improved gameplay, new stadiums, great soundtrack, improved visuals and, most importantly, a new addition: the UEFA Champions League tournament!

stadium fifa 19

What’s New in FIFA 2019? Champions League!

The best thing about the FIFA edition of 2019 is to add the famous and prestigious UEFA Champions League tour ! The player now has the opportunity to play this entire tournament from the group stage to the final. The best European football clubs take part in the Champions League and the dream of each player to win the trophy.

Thanks to the official UEFA Champions League license , FIFA 19 can offer different types of matches, including the Europa League, the Super Cup, the Champions League.

Champions League content is also added to FIFA Ultimate Team 19 , due to the way the Rivals Division becomes even more exciting. Besides, FIFA 19 comes with some new stadiums (16 of them!).

To name just a few: the new Tottenham team, the Atlanta United football team’s Mercedes-Benz stadium, the famous Signal Iduna park in the Borussia Dortmund, and the many Spanish stadiums LaLiga Santander, one of the best and best-known league of the world football.

New FIFA 19 has also new features  in the options startup mode, Active and Dynamic Touch Tactics and feature Timed Finished. Added a new mode called Quick Match.

All stadiums and match types are available in versions for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

Travel: Champions

travel fifa 19

The story called Journey: Champions  offers the player three different characters and their separate stories. The player can follow Kim Hunter, Alex Hunter or Danny Williams. Their careers take place at the same time and intersect, which means you can move to the other protagonist whenever you want.

Alex Hunter is not a beginner at FIFA  – he has already done a lot through the previous entries of the series. He used to be signed in a Premier League club but was transferred to a loan for the championship. He then had an episode in America Major League Soccer, before returning to the Old Continent to fulfill his dream of life – playing for Real Madrid.

Here we start the story in FIFA 19 . Now, Alex will have the ability to improve his skills under the eyes of his idols from one of the best football clubs in the world. What about Danny? He was Alex’s former enemy, they’re friends now. They met first during the final tests of the National Football Academy. They did not do it at all, but they changed when they reunited in the Premier League. When Alex left to join the Los Angeles club, Danny entered the English club shoes. Now Danny is a solid part of the team and is ready for more. Kim Hunter is half of Alex’s sister and a young American football player.

Her goal is to play at the highest level of  women’s football . She signs at LA Galaxy. Later, he has the chance to play for a top US national team. We find her on the verge of competing in the World Cup of Women.

Graphics and music in FIFA 2019

The soundtrack to FIFA 2019  is even stronger and bold than before. EA SPORTS has gathered some contemporary artists to create a combination of hits that will breathe life and energy for your matches and tournaments.

Music creates emotions so cruel and unique as the football game itself. Each song is perfectly in line with the FIFA 19 vibration. Some of the artists present on   the FIFA 2k19 soundtrack are: Gorillaz, Crystal Fighters, Childish Gambino, LSD – a special subgroup of Labrinth, Sia and Diplo with their hot melodies.

The new hits from artists less well known but appreciated, such as the Young Parents, Mansionair and Jungle, also made the cut. Stealth, Bugsy Malone, Billie Eilish, Sam Fender, NoMBe, Octavian, Bearson gave him a unique chance to shine on the soundtrack of the game and reach a new audience. While the final chapter of the Journey: Champions mode is accompanied by the score of Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe.

Zimmer is a renowned and acclaimed composer in the world who won an Oscar and was responsible, among other things, for the  Lion King  or the  Gladiator . Balfe scored for  Mission: Impossible – Fallout  or Pacific Rim: Rebellion. Their play is dramatic, beautiful, unique and fits perfectly with the story.

What about graphics?

Video game graphics enhancements include 200 new player head scans . Impressive animation updates cover teams, score tables and more, making the game look like a real thing you can watch on TV.

All images are made with great precision, thanks to which the image is clear and direct. You will have no trouble observing all the elements of the game, as well as information and statistics before the game.

The gameplay of the FIFA 2019 game

gameplay fifa 19

The player has some game options to choose from . There is the Champions League mode, which allows you to play the entire tournament from the stage stage to the final at the Madrid Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

There is an option to personalize and set up a match of your dreams – with your rules, chosen views, and more. This experience is one way! Configure your rules with Home Rules mode. There are many options, such as how to survive – whenever a goal is scored, a player is eliminated without rules – where, as the name suggests, no rules apply (no fouls, calls, reservations,

Long Range, in which the voids outside the box are counted as two, in Headers and Volleys mode, where the score is only allowed from a volleyball or a header or First To …, a custom winning custom mode such as be a golden hole, two voids, or others.

There is also the Final Cup mode, where there are different finals of real-life tournaments, such as the FA Cup, the Champions League, the Europa League finals.

The way home and travel is made up of two legs: a match played at your stadium, the other at your rival; in the case of a level score, there are penalty kicks. The best of the series, on the other hand, offers classic three or five series matches ending with the short tournament winner’s choice.

When it comes to animations and animations,  FIFA 19 comes with some new features : Active Touch, Time Finishing and Dynamic Tactics. The Active Touch set consists of new animations or tools that improve ball control. With dynamic tactics, the pre-match part is even more interesting.

Choosing a team, setting instructions for players, assigning roles on the ground, designing your own tactics, choosing a party, and setting new new game plans that can be modified during the game!

Timing Finishing is a completely new mechanic. Allows the player to shoot at the highest level using just one extra button. The key to success, as the name suggests, is the time – the button has to be pressed within a certain amount of time to create a wonderful shot. It adds added risk and satisfaction to the experience.

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FIFA 19 is powered by Frostbite and has been developed and published by EA SPORTS. It is available on the Origins platform as a key cd product . It was released September 28 th  2018.  You can buy the game on site – web sites with different prices provided  (look for cheaper options!) In depending bidder. The game supports languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. The game comes in versions for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check your offer carefully, as different platforms sell different versions.

Questions and Answers about FIFA 2019

When does FIFA 19 appear?

A member of the home access date of release is 20 thousands  September for other users: 28 th  September Champion and Ultimate editions are Early Access starting on 25 – th  September

Will the FIFA 19 cross platform be?

No, the game is not cross platform.

Can I run FIFA 2019 – what are the system requirements for the game?

You can find all PC system requirements in the System Requirements section

Key features

  • UEFA Champions League license: Play the entire Champions League tournament
  • 16 new stadiums
  • Scans 200 new players
  • Touch function
  • Dynamic Tactical Function
  • Finishing time
  • New Ways to Play Kick-Off Mode: House Rules, Best Series, Cup Final, Home and away, Champions League
  • The end of the journey “The Journey: Champions”
  • Improved view, fantastic score

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    awesome game, great improvment since last year, I love it so muc than comparing to last year

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