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Buy Battlefield 5 / V – Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) Xbox live CD Key

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Developed by EA Dice,  Battlefield V (BF 5)  is the continuation of the classic FPS franchise and a return to the roots due to its focus on World War II. Get ready for a compelling solo campaign with the most famous battlefields and a multiplayer multiplayer mode.



Battlefield 5 will be officially launched on November 20, 2018

Ediția Deluxe include:

  • Five sets of parachutist outfits: Battlefield V Deluxe Edition allows you to personalize your soldiers with five sets of special soldiers containing amazing weapons, camo models, staples and face paint for the British Air Special Service and German troops. Choose these five available sets when you move to Battlefield V.
  • Specialized Task Force: The Battlefield V Deluxe Edition includes special assignments for the British Special Air Service, inspired by the German air base’s real raids and special missions for German troops Fallschirmjäger, based on defense of North African aerodromes. In addition, Battlefield V Deluxe Edition includes Starter Assignments – test your skills on the battlefield and win rewards.
  • 20 weekly Airlift items: Battlefield V Deluxe Edition allows you to receive vital supplies with 20 Airlifts per week, each containing a customization item.

Battlefield V  brings players back in World War II, and a detailed drain on the YouTube channel “Drakesden” provides tons of details in advance. His video first appeared in mid-February, and since then he has gained traction now that the rumors about Battlefield V have gone to the masses.

  • Factions: There are seven factions, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Free France, the Three Reich, the Kingdom of Italy, the USSR and the Imperial Japan.
  • Maps: The retail game will be launched with 10 maps, with a free map coming shortly thereafter.
  • DLC: Will work through a Pass Premium as always. The DLC subject has not been decided.
  • Combat: Competence plays a bigger role with the elimination of a random deviation of the Battlefield 1 bullet.
  • Attachments: Return to Battle Field V. Options include suppressors, targets, lenses, and more.
  • Four classes: Assault (a doctor with AR weapons), Support (LMGs, Access to ammunition), Recon (Long Bolt) and Engineer (SMG, Antitank).
  • All-Kitty Weapons: Some weapons will work for all classes, such as M1 Garand.

No prison box. There is no Premium license. All players have access to the same maps and modes in  #Battlefield  V. Keep the crew together, regardless of the face.

#Battlefield V (@Battlefield) May 28, 2018

Elite classes and return to Behemoths

  • Personalization: cosmetic skins make their debut. They offer various combinations of garments, footwear and camo. The skin will be sold as a cosmetic microtransport.
  • Vehicles: Vehicles will work similarly to Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. They require a skillful operation and include tanks, jeeps, planes and much more. Like soldiers, vehicles can also be personalized with cosmetics.
  • Modes: Return to operations and Prolet will be available at launch
  • Release Details: The game will be released in May with the release of the beta in August and released in October.

Like all leaks, this  Battlefield V  information is unofficial and may not be accurate. However, those who trust   in the community Battlefield such as AmightyDaq have verified these findings. The statements made in the video are also consistent with a recent Kotaku report that suggests that EA was afraid to include non-cosmetic prey boxes in the next game. All of the indicators indicate that these details are correct, but we will not know for sure until Battlefield V is   officially unveiled.

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